Greetings and welcome to my web site.                                                                                                          *              

I am a Swiss certified clinical psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in counseling and                       *
treatment for children, adolescents and young adults (up to 30 years old). I also offer parent counseling and family sessions. I am experienced in the treatment of a wide range of mental health problems, with in-depth professional experience in the field of psychosomatic disorders, trauma (PTSD, adjustment disorders), anxiety and depressive symptoms.

My methods are mainly systemic and psychodynamic, with elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy where indicated. If you have further questions regarding my therapeutic methods, also concerning different age groups, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As I work together with Dr. Yves Marchal, a psychiatrist for children and adolescents,  I can offer a limited amount of treatments which are covered by your / your child’s basic health insurance. Other treatment costs will be wholly or partly accepted by your supplementary health insurance  (depending on your insurance and type of supplementary coverage).

For further information you are welcome to contact me via email or telephone. If I cannot answer personally, please leave a message. If not otherwise stated, I will reply your call or mail within the next 24 hours, except at weekends.

Thank you for your visit.